The research conducted at the Forensic DNA Profiling Facility under the supervision of Dr. DeEtta K. Mills focuses on the development of DNA profiling methods for non-human organisms such as soil microbial communities, equines, plants, fungi and others.

Ongoing research projects in the Facility include:

• Spatial autocorrelation of soil biota profiles with soil type across Miami-Dade County.

• Study of bacterial growth, on bacteria obtained from soil, in the presence of iron and Oxytetracycline.

• Surveillance of tetracycline-resistance genes (tet genes) within antibiotic-resistant soil bacteria communities found in Miami-Dade county soils and comparison across the different soil types to discover diversity of these genes.

• Investigation of the diversity of Vancomycin Genes in Microbes in Sub-Tropical Soils.

• Comparative analysis of freshwater and marine cyanobacteria to determine the role of iron in community virulence and black band disease in corals.

• Major Histocompatibility Complex genes as genetic markers in the conservation and management of wild equids.

• Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP) genetic profiling for domestic and wild equine subjects

• Coat color genotyping determination on wild mustangs

• Canine olfaction for the detection of pathogens such as Raffaelea lauricola in laurel wilt diseased avocado trees